Start thinking of housing differently

The Flex & Grow Home delivers every expected convenience and amenity of a single-family home but with design that can uniquely adapt to life stage changes and can put your home to work for you rather than the other way around.

Flex & Grow Living Suite

The Flex & Grow Home will challenge you to think differently about housing and to consider how the flexibilities built into every Flex & Grow Home prove to make the home more resilient and more marketable than other quite specialized housing alternatives.

Adaptable, resilient housing for your family

Multi-generational living

Merging households with a parent or adult children makes tremendous economic sense. Unfortunately, most all housing is not configured for this use. The Flex & Grow Home is. Whether at time of build or later, an independent Living Suite can be created with its own kitchen, laundry, exterior entry, and parking space.

Home-based business

Doing business out of your den or garage? How’s that working for you? Dogs barking, kids screaming, “Hey, honey can you...?” Configure your segregated Living Suite for business. No need to pay others for office or meeting space. You can work productively from home and when business booms beyond your home office, the space can be easily returned to family living space.

Rental of segregated living space

Tired of working and working for your home? Put your home to work for you! Whether for supplemental retirement income or to subsidize ownership cost, renting out your Living Suite space is a financial game changer. Think all you can afford is a fixer upper or a townhouse? Think again.

Extended family retreat

Whether for hospitality or care giving hosting family makes a house a home. It is sweet luxury but can be challenging. Benjamin Franklin is attributed to have opined, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days” and most can relate to this. However, even ol’ Ben didn’t come up with the notion of the Flex & Grow Home. Everything in its place and space and not in mine except as we may like.

Airbnb Hospitality

Yes, you too can profit from social networking. Burgeoning interest in person-to-person home-based hospitality is here to stay and can be personally and financially rewarding. The ability of the Flex & Grow Home to provide truly independent overnight accommodations will stand out in a universe of sometimes awkward accommodations in housing not really designed for the prospect of such hospitality.

Housing evolved is housing solved. Find out more.

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